grinning_fox (grinning_fox) wrote in pfox_minions,

For those of you who escaped the original email string that got


This is the official minion email string. [By which I mean email me, not Matt, at grinning_fox at potted fox dot com to get your hat in the ring, or whatever the phrase is.]

Last year minioning was all arranged via verbal agreements and I am not doing that again this year nor any year following this one, regardless of whether or not we've already discussed working this season in person. If I don't have an email, it isn't happening. It gets too disorganized and I end up with fifteen people working for me, with which Potted Fox, much as she loves you all, cannot cope. Hence: official rules, official notifications of interest in working for the Fox, official schedule. Depending on the number of responses, I might choose to spread the love around a little, so no one is stuck working all four weekends 'cept me ('cause is my job to be stuck and I likes it that way). That's to be determined at a later date, though, so no stress.

I really would like everyone to get back to me before or by the end of the first week in September, so I can stop worrying about this, just on a by the way note.

Thanks, all.

-The Management Bitch
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