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Potted Fox Minions' Journal
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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
2:08 pm
For those of you who escaped the original email string that got started...er...yesterday?

This is the official minion email string. [By which I mean email me, not Matt, at grinning_fox at potted fox dot com to get your hat in the ring, or whatever the phrase is.]

Last year minioning was all arranged via verbal agreements and I am not doing that again this year nor any year following this one, regardless of whether or not we've already discussed working this season in person. If I don't have an email, it isn't happening. It gets too disorganized and I end up with fifteen people working for me, with which Potted Fox, much as she loves you all, cannot cope. Hence: official rules, official notifications of interest in working for the Fox, official schedule. Depending on the number of responses, I might choose to spread the love around a little, so no one is stuck working all four weekends 'cept me ('cause is my job to be stuck and I likes it that way). That's to be determined at a later date, though, so no stress.

I really would like everyone to get back to me before or by the end of the first week in September, so I can stop worrying about this, just on a by the way note.

Thanks, all.

-The Management Bitch
Monday, August 20th, 2007
3:22 pm
CTRF Minioning
Kat's asked me to put together a post on Minioning this year.

No, we have not decided on minions this year. If we had, you'd have received specific say so from Kat and I.

Okay, basically the deal is this.

We have open spots for Minions at CTRF this year. Preference will be given to minions we already know.

There are some caveats this year tho...

1) We are not doing the hotel thing. It's too expensive. Camping will be had on site. I've got a few tents, some various air mattresses and other necessary camp supplies. I'm going to contact the Stone Soup Ceilidh to get PFox into the Pot Luck for meals.

2) Preference will be given to people who can work the most weekends. Also, if you're available to work FFF in the winter, preference will be given to that, as we'll be working on minion designs during CTRF.

3) First time minions will work for garb first weekend (or thereabouts, whatever it takes to cover the cost minus employee discount. This, of course, is assuming you have no Potted Fox garb). There will be no loaners this year, we won't have the stock to play dressup. Guys in Jerkins or doublets, gals in one of the bodices.

4) There will be no DRAMA. Leave personal lives at home. If you can't do that, you're not working. Drama has been problematic for us. If someone tells you to knock off the dramatics, take it to heart, don't get offended, and above all, knock it off. It affects our sales, and customer flow. This goes for personal problems as well.

5) The working day is from setup to breakdown. Meaning that if possible, you should be able to get there to help us set up for the weekend. (Friday night) And unless it's absolutely necessary, you need to help us breakdown on Sunday. Neither of these two things takes long, and it goes faster with the more hands we have.

6) Kat's the boss. Her say goes in the booth. Even I take orders from her while in the booth. She has the power to hire and fire at her pleasure and I will support her decisions.

If after all this you're still interested, send an email to: minionage@pottedfox.com

Include the dates you can work.

CTRF 1st Week: 09/29 - 09/30
CTRF 2nd Week: 10/06 - 10/08 (3 days)
CTRF 3rd Week: 10/13 - 10/14
CTRF 4th Week: 10/20 - 10/21
FFF 2008: 01/11 - 01/13

Crossposted in my personal journal and pottedfox.
Thursday, December 14th, 2006
11:02 am
First Post
Hi All. Just to get some things about this community out there.

This is a minion community, for those of you who are or were minions for Potted Fox at some point in time.

We'll be using this community to, basically, put out what shows are coming up, if there are any gigs opening up for said shows, and other things (like model work, or similiar stuff)

I've gone through and grabbed all the people that I knew the LJ names of and sent out invites. I'm certain there's plenty more that I didn't get. If so, let me know their names and I'll send invites out to them as well.
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